The V Programming Language Organisation

Duration : August 2022 – Present
Occupation: Core Developer - Part Time
Location: Remote

  • Working as a paid part-time open-source developer for The V Programming Language.
  • Fixed several checker, parser, scanner, and code generation-related issues.
  • Implemented features like operator overloading, syntax highlighting for v doc, match branch range expressions with constants, non-string map keys, etc.
  • Documented and developed several internal libraries.


Duration : August 2023 – October 2023
Occupation: Software Engineer Intern
Location: California, United States · Remote

  • Worked on adding new features to the Go GUI Gio.
  • Refactored tons of CLI code for better performance and error handling and added new checks and features.
  • Worked with Svelte and added a few components like the left chat panel.