I spend most of my OSS coding time contributing to several big open-source projects, see here, but I also wrote and maintain a few projects of my own that I’m proud of šŸ˜„

Box CLI Maker


Box CLI Maker is a Highly Customized Terminal Box Maker.


  • Make a Terminal Box in 8ļøāƒ£ inbuilt different styles
  • 16 Inbuilt Colors and True Color Support šŸŽØ
  • Custom Title Positions šŸ“
  • Make your Terminal Box style šŸ“¦
  • Support for ANSI, Tabbed, Multi-line and Line Wrapping boxes šŸ“‘
  • Align the text according to your needs šŸ“
  • Unicode, Emoji and Windows Console Support šŸ˜‹


CLI Badges


CLI Badges generate badges for your CLI with Deno


  • Make Beautiful Badges for CLI šŸ¤©
  • Works across all terminals šŸ¦„
  • Link support šŸ”—
  • Variety of colors to choose from šŸŽØ
  • Written in TS with Deno šŸ¦•


  • Used in several Deno projects

Svelte Color Generator



  • A color generator made in Svelte.
  • Made for learning purposes and ported from a React project.
  • Used several third-party components for the pop-up and color picker.
  • Hosted on Vercel

Check out all of my projects here!